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Originally Posted by WatchChain View Post
As evidenced by prior posts, I've never been one to blindly defend Stevie Nicks. However, there are several amateur shot audience videos from Music Cares that show the entire band making fun of Stevie behind her back as she gives a never-ending acceptance speech (even in the minutes leading up to the "Mick and Chris Waltz").

For example, fast foward this video to the 4:25 minute mark and watch for about 20 seconds. It clearly shows the entire band laughing at Stevie, even Christine McVie begins checking her watch. These actions lead up to Mick and Chris waltzing to lampoon Stevie's speech. All of this behavior is carried on in front of an audience of thousands--including the national press.

My problem with this is that:

1) Lindsey does not appear to be the ONLY one smirking at Stevie's behavior behind her back--why should ONLY HE be chastised?

2) The truth is, these people obviously have very little respect for Stevie. Sure, I know the woman can talk forever, but they could at least cut out their s**t for a national audience. All are guilty here!
My bet is that he is using this as an excuse. He did something else backstage or just tell her when they were by themselves and that pushed her over the edge. He will never admit it. I really hope Steve he comes out and tells her side because petty little Lindsey just wants attention attention attention.
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