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Originally Posted by StevieandChris View Post
I donít buy the BuckVie jealously because she could have changed her mind when she saw them actually go into the studio...and she has plenty of material if new songs were not ready. The record company would definitely have put the pressure on to wait for her if she really wanted to do it, and that power would have stroked her ego.

I think she just cannot take him any longer.
Sorry but the Buckingham McVie argument just doesnít hold up. If she is the spoiled little bitch you try to make her out to be then she would not be speaking to Christine either. And Christine stayed with the band. If Christine and Lindsey were so buddy buddy and then they wouldíve bonded together and pushed Stevie out of the band. I am so tired of talking about this. Iím sure the people bashing her on Twitter mostly belong to this board.
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