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i agree with both of you, sharksfan and b.b. - although not crediting used classical compositions or works in pop/rock has a traditon for ages. for instance "questions" by manfred mann's earthband, which is based on the main theme of schubert's "impromptu in g flat major" - no mention of that, at least on the 45 i have. admittedly that was later on, but there's plenty more of that all over the place.
but listening to that passage again a few times, i detected that they must have tampered somewhat with this orchestral recording (whatever it is): sounds like they've incorporated some kind of sound effect there, maybe slightly superimposing something onto it - which partly created a mild disharmony (sort of), as if trying to defamiliarize this piece a bit. or is my mind starting to play tricks on me - what do you think?

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