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Default nervous about Lindsey rumors

Hi all,

What a strange world we live in! I first heard about in an email from Twitter today suggesting I check out my "highlights" from people I follow. The phrase "Lindsey Buckingham got the axe" caught my attention!

I wonder how to verify the news on Twitter? Who are the sources of the info? None of the people seem even remotely close to the band. "Murrow Must be Turning Over in His Grave" to paraphrase a certain song!

I couldn't imagine Lindsey choosing to leave at this point in his career with FM. As Elle said, he has literally written a love song to FM and spoke highly of them at Classic West, all the Buck/Mcvie shows, and Music Cares. It seemed that he has come to a sense of peace about the financial rewards of being in FM and the multi-generational appeal and appreciation of the music.

I can't imagine Lindsey getting "fired"/asked to leave. What would he have had to have done this time to warrant that? If he didn't get fired in 1987 after the infamous physical altercation, I can't imagine what he would have done now for that to occur. If Lindsey's solo work held up the band's 2018 touring plans, it would not be the first time that a band member's solo plans interfered with the full band's touring schedule. When Stevie extended "In Your Dreams" and opted not to record with them recently, she certainly was not outsted. So, on the surface this does not make sense.

There would have to be some kind of wild behind the scenes story now, but their current lives don't seem to be fueled by drugs and erratic behavior.

It's a "Mystery to Me'". I hope everyone doesn't mind my silly song titles in this post which has me truly worried.

What with the lack of news about the Sirius, LB's solo album/tour, and FM tour, all the radio silence since February has made me nervous. I feel lucky and blessed that in 2017 I was able to go to Classic West, see Buckingham/McVie at the Greek Theater and in Minneapolis, manage to get a ticket to see their panel at the Grammy Museum, and see Stevie at the MN State Fair. With an embarrassment of riches like that, it would be sad if it were to end by an unpleasant circumstance. It seems that although they have their tensions, they have managed to override all that in order to carry on in recent years.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see---which is no fun. Of course, I turned to this forum right away as this is where all the people who are in the know reside!

Best to everyone here (Hi Elle!),
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