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Originally Posted by gldstwmn View Post
Twitter is an apoplectic, hilarious **** show with this right now with everyone from Sara Fleetwood throwing shade at Karen to people hating on Mike Campbell's hair to people saying Mike and Stevie deserve better fans.
I did see an Instagram post from Mick a few days ago with a picture of Christine and him saying "Make new friends, but keep the old; those are silver, these are gold." Curious.
I'm pretty sure that Sara Fleetwood account is not actually her, just a fan pretending to be her. But yes I agree. It's wild on there right now. Everyone blaming each other, and we still don't have an official announcement. I've read a lot from people who claim to have this info and honestly some of it does make sense. However, no one is giving away their sources, so until the band comes forward I guess we won't know for sure.
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