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I just got this album recently expecting it to be "just okay" since I'd heard a lot of bad things about it. Luckily I was happily suprised! It's a really good album IMO. Only thing that I'm not too keen on is Stevie's lyrics. The first verse of "Affairs of the Heart" actually really annoys me. Almost makes me angry. They're just so banal - they're just too Stevie! It's like a parody... Get's (a little) better after that though.

I couldn't really choose a best yet since I've only listened to it about 10 times, but all of Christine's songs are great, as are most of the guys stuff. "In The Back Of My Mind" and "Hard Feelings" are ones I particularly like. "Stand on the Rock" is a little flat for some reason, but it's still OK. I even think "The Second Time" is alright.
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