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Favorite: In the back of my mind
Least favorite: Hard Feelings

I am surprised that only one other person listed Hard feelings as their least favorite. That is the worst Mac song in their entire catalog IMHO. Its horrible. The lyrics are so cheezy stupid. The singing is like nails down a chalk board. The music is so basic.

Behind the Mask is a 50/50 album. Half of it is very good while the other half is not great or terrible. I love how they took a chance and went to left field for In the back of my mind.

My favorites
Behind the Mask
Skies the Limit (and yes I love the way skies is spelled)
In the back of my mind
When it comes to love
Do you know
Love is Dangerous
Save Me

The clunkers:
Hard Feelings
Stand on the Rock
Second time
Affairs of the heart
When the sun goes down (its the best of the clunkers)

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how
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