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Originally Posted by secret love View Post
I talked to a bass teacher about Dreams and he said it's quite a simple bassline (in his opinion) but yeah it's just beautiful in its simplicity.
I used to have that argument with drummers about Mick’s parts. These parts from John, Mick, Christine, even Lindsey’s famous one-note solos look easy on paper. If you see them written out on staff, you think anyone could play it. But no one can play it the way they played it, right? Their attack, timbre, dynamic suspense, intonation, great charm, coloration, idiosyncrasies, space — that’s all Fleetwood Mac. Can you hear in your mind’s ear how sometimes in “Dreams” John moves a step up from F to G but with a little hitch or hiccup, like someone taking a quick swallow before finishing his sentence? It helps propel “Dreams” forward and makes those four-and-a-half minutes sound like just the perfect length of time (how many times have you heard the Nicks solo bands play it and it dragged interminably?). There isn’t a tribute band anywhere that can adequately duplicate the Fleetwood Mac style, despite the fact that these musicians are not the music world’s virtuosos. If you don’t put enormous personality into your playing, it’s irrelevant how advanced your technique might be. It’s just motor skills in that case.
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