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Originally Posted by GypsySorcerer View Post
I need to add "One More Night." I've tried to get into it, but it's just blah.
Almost all of her songs are this way for me. Or maybe, they're just too lightweight for me from a lyrics or subject matter perspective. I especially hate "Everywhere" for this reason, plus because the music is so "blah" and wimpy. That's ok for a song here or there, but most of hers are that way. Lightweight lyrics plus wimpy music is just not what I listen to music for.

The others I really just cannot stand for the same reasons are "Save Me" and "Got A Hold On Me", and especially "Skies The Limit", which I think I can safely say is my least favorite ever, or at least it's tied with "Everywhere".

There are exceptions, though.

I always liked "Oh Daddy", but when I heard her say that she's being sarcastic in it, then I started really, really loving it! It's one of my favorite songs on Rumours. And I love "Over My Head", and "Wait and See" from the first solo album, and "The Smile I Live For" from the 1984 solo album.
And I don't get the hate for "Little Lies". At least she has something to say in that one, other than the usual "I'm so in love and life is just so wonderful and I'm just Suzy Sunshine" theme.
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