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I agree, Stand On The Rock is so generic, so of course they had to include it in their tour set! I saw two shows on the Behind The Mask tour. While I applaud them for opening the show with a new song (In The Back Of My Mind), I found the opening to be a little pompus and overwrought -- with a big build-up for the pay-off of a middle-of-the-road song.

Stevie was a complete zombie during these shows. She didn't even bother to sing any of her new songs (the closest she came was when she sang Love Is Dangerous, which wasn't always included in the set.

They only performed:

In The Back Of My Mind
Love Is Dangerous (sometimes)
Save Me
Stand On The Rock
When The Sun Goes Down (dropped early on -- although the live version I have is really good!)

I wish they would have performed:

Affairs Of The Heart
Hard Feelings
Behind The Mask
Skies The Limit
Life passes before me like an unknown circumstance
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