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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
The Tango demo is a joke. I cant believe they even included it in the package. Stevie is incoherent and sounds drunk. Not much of a music track either.
Lots of reasons to like the song but Jerry Marotta's drumming really takes the song to another level. Thank goodness no drum machine here since its 1988/89 and would have been commonly used.
Well, it’s interesting that the master reel version actually DOES have drum programming. As do the versions of Rooms On Fire and Long Way To Go. Of course those were just to lay down other instrumental tracks and Stevie’s vocals, because the officially released versions of those songs obviously have live drums on them, which must have been recorded separately later on. Rupert Hine certainly had an interesting approach when it came to recording, especially for this album.
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