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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
Not sure it's directed specifically at Lindsey but it may very well be an attempt to restore some luster to her image which has taken a hit recently. Her PR team is on top of this stuff. It's a great time to redirect everyone's attention.

That said, she's had a HUGE influence on so many women performers that she certainly meets the criteria of inclusion better than plenty of other inductees.
My post came off as more anti-Stevie than it should've, as my beef is really more with the R&RHOF than with Nicks. I've been following their nomination process for many years, and it seems much more political (who you know, who's willing to put up $$, who might generate the most buzz right now, whether a certain group of out-of-touch old farts think you are "worthy" or not) than any type of true merit in the rock-and-roll genre. And there are a couple of acts that IMO should've gotten in a long time ago but haven't, so I've become totally cynical toward the whole enterprise.

I do think that someone on the Mac team probably pushed for it. My initial "thumb to the eye" of LB may not have been much of a factor, though - but your theory about restoring luster to Nicks' image and generating positive pub as their tour gets underway is solid. The whole induction process has become a joke, so I'm going to question why *every* nominee is selected, whether I personally think they're deserving or not.
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