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Originally Posted by UCYOURGYPC View Post
Just wondering who else might have had problems with Mike Bise at Ivory keys? He had asked me to contribute artwork for his blog, and compilation MP3 projects, which I did, then he left IK for a while, and without my permission, passed my work onto another admin, who got upset when I asked to be credited for my work in her posting(s), so she then tore down the post, and now today I discover I've been removed from the group!
Is it me, am I wrong for simply asking for credit for my own artwork?
I contributed a lot to that group, and find this completely unfair.
I've tried reaching out to Mike, and he simply ignores I know why his blog keeps getting reported. Screw enough people, and it comes back to you!
His ego is very fragile. He's made a lot of enemies by banning people for perceived slights. The glass-half-full side of me feels sorry for him because there is clearly a mental health issue here. Mike's written nice letters (real ones) to me in the past, so I know he isn't a bad person. But since starting Ivory Keys, he's let the attention and respect he's received from other fans go to his head. Any comment he perceives as a threat to this status will send him off the rails.

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