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Lightbulb To anyone not that familiar with the pre-Buckingham Nicks albums...

To anyone not that familiar with the pre-Buckingham Nicks albums... I have a suggestion.

After the disappointment of the last year, I have found myself gravitating to the pre-BN albums, particularly the transitional era. They are soothing my soul, and providing all kinds of musical delights. They are GOOD.

Perhaps it is the lack of Stevie (whom I am very disappointed in right now and cannot listen to at all, like many of you) or the lack of LB (it's hard to hear his FM work now), but in any case: I'm hearing these LPs again with new ears and it's like having BRAND NEW FLEETWOOD ALBUMS TO ENJOY. Untainted by the BN melodrama... just really solid, groovin' rock n roll.

As usual, Christine has so many gems... Bob Welch's work is outstanding and underrated (that man should be in the RRHOF with them). I'm not as familiar with the PG era, but obviously it is legendary in its own right, the birth of the band. I'm working my way backwards, giving each album plenty of time to marinate. Haven't heard them in ages and back then I was so into BN that I didn't really give the early LPs much time/attention. Well, now I have plenty of time. Ha.

So again, for any of you feeling like I do, really disillusioned after 2018 but who still love the vibe of the Mac and find it hard to let go (or who crave "new" FM music), I highly recommend checking these out. It's also therapeutic to remember that this band has had SO MANY incarnations and that no one person is the lynchpin (though my vote would be for Christine if I had to cast that vote).

PS - Sorry to state the obvious for all of you who already know this!
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