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All the "get over it, just stop talking about it" etc posts are so silly. This website and this particular forum has been people raving about the Rumors lineup, talking about them, etc for YEARS. Years of devotion and discussion on that particular, much beloved lineup. People have every right to be bitter and angry about the fact that that lineup not only is now dead, but was basically shot in the face by the members themselves.

There are SO many places where people are excited and raving about the 'new band'. If you want to get away from all the "negativity" here you can very easily go to those places to join their discussion. It is not that hard. This is VERY far from the only place on the internet where people talk about FM. Responding to supposed "negativity" with even more negativity and thus only pouring fuel onto the fire is a pretty silly thing to do and it shows that you probably don't mind the negativity all that much since you're thus helping contribute to it. If you don't like something you can very easily just ignore it and join in on discussions that you would like, of which there are many.
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