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Originally Posted by Sugar Mouse View Post
MoonSister - at this point these negative Lindsey Ledgers won't be happy no matter how great the new lineup sounds in concert or in studio material. Rather than talking sense, they feel like it's only natural to inflict their private universe of pain on us all. To them, the new lineup feels like nails in their feet looking in the Saturday sun. This lineup could put out a Rumours quality album and they'd still complain that there are four seasons in one day. Anger, unfortunately, is playing a big part in how they feel and act. Oh well as they say. I really respect that you're maintaining a love this life attitude and trying to whistle all this great music no matter what era we're in. I won't dream it's over. Things will never be the same as history never repeats, but I'm looking forward to seeing this band come back to life this October. I am trying to embrace the Finn-Campbell era and trying to enjoy every bite of chocolate cake as we approach the last day of June.
Thanks for the reply It's a particularly difficult time in this forum right now, with fans who are angry and/or upset, and other fans intrigued by the new line-up. Not an easy space to share.

Originally Posted by AncientQueen View Post
The thing is, I don't care. At all.
But please go and look up "Schadenfreude" since you have obviously no idea what that word stands for.
I know exactly what it means and mudita is it's opposite - joy from the happiness of others, rather than gaining pleasure from the suffering of others.

I'm sure it was a post of yours recently (I could be wrong) which suggested we all needed to be more direct in how we communicate with each other, and not hold back, or not be passive-aggressive, or something to that effect. I'm just trying to follow your advice
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