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Originally Posted by AncientQueen View Post
But then go over to the post-rumours forum. That's the whole point of the seperate forums. Leave this negative space and take a look around there. Enjoy the future of FM, it has just started. I mean it, no sarcasm or anything.

For me, this is the last time that FM did or will do something that interests or moves me. It's not a positive thing, but I enjoy this board and my prolonged goodbye to the band I so loved for 40 years. Let me have my farewell, I deserve it. It's my right to write like I feel, on this board for the five fireflies.

I do look forward, too, though. Yeah to all the money that I will not spend for first row tickets and stuff. The anticipation of Schadenfreude when the first concerts get reviewed, the idea that factions of the band will not make the money they crave or have the success they are used to. Maybe some inner band trouble.

I will love to read about it. Petty, i know, but it fits with that band.
It is definitely your right to post how you feel. For me, it's very repetitive, but it is definitely your right. I feel like, and honestly, please correct me if I'm wrong, but some people who repeatedly post comments like "this isn't FM anymore, I hope the tour bombs, it's funny people paid top dollar for tickets and then the price dropped ha ha, etc" it comes across like "my party was ruined and now I'm going to ruin yours," or "I'm miserable and I want everybody else to be just as miserable as I am."

Instead of telling people they should post in the post-Rumours forum, maybe people who are so angry about Lindsey's firing should post only in the LB forum. Not really how I feel, but same difference. Obviously, neither one is going to happen.
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