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Originally Posted by sasja View Post
Again, mouse, to me personally, and I feel, many more here, there is a vast distinction between being FIRED ( with no plausible reason given) and someone perishing or quitting a band, which would leave a fan likely with more sympathetic notions for the remainder of the band, those latter two. The first one however, does NOT, for most fans

There, once again, lies the difference.
And the argument of scheduling holds NO water, considering Stevie of all people has for years made herself scarcely available without visible (to us fans) repercussion.

Truly, there lies the rub, hence so many of us siding with the sudden new underdog.
You may not like the reason, but the band had a reason to fire him. Lindsey agreed to a tour and the tour was scheduled and then Lindsey decided to delay the tour for a year. You may not like that but that appears to be what happened. As far as I know, Stevie never agreed to a tour and then backed out at the last minute.
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