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Originally Posted by Sugar Mouse View Post
The problem with everything you just wrote is that you and I and everyone else outside of the band's inner circle don't know exactly what happened that led to the band firing Lindsey. It's very possible (I would say likely) that there are lots of details that would make you much more sympathetic to the band's position.
And the problem with that is the fact that the band is already telling a story that Lindsey was insisting upon not wanting to tour for a year. In telling that story, they're already trying to make themselves look as sympathetic and innocent as possible, throwing Lindsey under the bus, making it seem as if he just didn't want to do this, he was trying to act like the boss and he left them with no choice. And Stevie furthering that by unnecessarily commenting that she's not the "boss" in the band (ignoring her own actions over the years). Also it's interesting that you're saying this now since you claimed several times that you had inner circle 'sources' who told you that is what it's about. And then there are people who also have reliable 'sources' who said that's not even true, and the reality is more sympathetic towards Lindsey. And then there's those who claimed this was about Stevie getting annoyed and issuing an ultimatum. And then there's Lindsey's wife claiming he got a 'raw deal'. And then there's the little facts from people like Rick Turner and Federico Poll and that video of Lindsey, suggesting that he was trying to work a plan out. This isn't 1987, in today's day and age things get out and info is spread. So while it is true that we'll probably never know every tiny detail, just about everything we do know seems to suggest this was Lindsey getting thrown out over some scheduling issue (or a possibly bitter Stevie Nicks) and frankly unless it comes out that Lindsey graffiti-ed Mick's and Stevie's houses while they were arguing, the odds of me somehow sympathizing with them are low. Bands are no stranger to conflicts, especially not this group which has dealt through probably hundreds of conflicts over the years, they've dealt through every single member at their absolute worst, they should've dealt with this instead of choosing the more convenient way out.
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