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Originally Posted by jmn3 View Post
Get a grip. I’m sorry but I’ve been posting or lurking here for almost 20 years and I’ve never felt it was a LB forum vs FM. If anything over the years it was far more a Stevie forum than anything else. Maybe too many of us are simply appalled at what has transpired in 2018. I own about ten LB solo songs altogether (if that) but I’m sure you’d accuse me of being a LB Super fan hiding in a FM band forum. You’d be wrong. I am here because of the band - the five “fireflies.”
I'm a huge fan of Lindsey, but I'm somehow able to see that the breakup has responsibility on both sides of the fence. That point seems to elude most of the folks on this forum. Perhaps I'm less perturbed by the breakup because I was a fan many years before Lindsey/Stevie joined the band. There are more Fleetwood Mac albums without Lindsey than with Lindsey, so life goes on even if it's not the "classic" lineup.
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