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Originally Posted by David View Post
Hi, Paolo. Do you remember when Debbie Peterson (in Ohio) and I used to trade tapes with you? This would have been about 25 or 30 years ago.

Back then, I bought issues of Mike's fanzine, which I think was called Mirror Mirror. It had good stuff, and the text was very opinionated and mostly literate. I was impressed. One thing I noticed about Mike at the time was that no one was more impressed with Mike than . . . Mike.
Thanks David,

I happy to find a "old friend" from panpals days!!!!I don't like much this thread and I don't like the words against Mike there's no reasons Stevie/Fmac are music for all our hearts....yes in the past I was hangry if there's a show can't trade and I can't accept that not share but all of this I don't like
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