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Originally Posted by secondhandchain View Post
Stevie did say she was taking "three months" off, which is a pretty specific number. Couple that with Lindsey's canceled solo album? You never know with this band. Stevie might have been happy with the poppy, not as weird direction Buckingham Mc Vie took and had a change of heart. Who knows.
This feels a bit like splitting hairs, but since I think so many of us are eagerly awaiting... something (whether it be a tour or an album or some kind of solo effort), Stevie said she was "going to Hawaii for two months," not 3. Which, at the time she said that, would put the two-month mark at the start of April.

Still, if anything were actually in the works, it just feels like we would have heard something by now?

Here's the video where she says that:
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