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Got to admit, that version makes an otherwise unpalatable song palatable

While on the subject, realistically I can still see them recording an album this spring. It will be part unreleased Lindsey Buckingham solo album (with SN/CM overdubs) added to several Christine McVie songs, added to 3 Stevie Nicks songs (a couple of vault songs and possibly a new one).

Tour rehearsals starting late summer.

Tour starting early/mid autumn coinciding with new album release;

US: October 2018 through to May 2019.

UK/Europe tour: June-

including Glastonbury Headline set 29th June 2019

2020: Fleetwood Mac Gold: a new retrospective

The way Stevie said she had nothing planned for the spring, coupled with the seeming shelving of Lindsey's solo album suggest something could be happening. I'd be annoyed for him, but he wouldn't have to give his songs over to a FM album unless he wanted to. We shall wait and see.

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