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Originally Posted by lazy poker View Post
i'd just been watching another chicken shack live video, which made me reply to this old thread.

vintage shack footage is truly few and far between, especially from the days with christine. for those who don't know it: this one is said to be from april '69 (recording and/or broadcasting), probably in paris, and it's pro-shot in b&w with great picture and sound for that age. the fact that dave bidwell's drums are placed behind the kit from power trio "the gun" implies that chicken shack were opening for them that night. (but they're greeted by the audience with enthusiastic applause anyway.)

i'd already read ages ago (i was too young to ever see them in person) that way more than the records displayed it was stan webb's show first and foremost. but here it was his show ONLY - not one song featured christine on vocals, the poor girl wasn't even allowed one single solo, can you imagine that?! so the shortcomings of stan's vocal and guitar mannerisms are unnerving upfront. though this may not be too surprising - with christine being such a great blues pianist and andy silvester / dave bidwell hardly coming up second behind fleetwood and mcvie as a top notch rhythm section in that musical vein, stan webb was definitely doing himself a disservice with his ego.

what i'd like to know from people who personally saw them in concert: have you experienced similar circumstances? seems like christine would've only got permissioned a slice of the spotlight at all if stan needed a breather or a pint. any replies are warmly welcome!

but to end on a high note concerning said footage: to see moving pictures of christine in those days and to hear her great blues piano playing in a live setting (thank god she's pretty prominent in the sound picture here and in principle soloing all over the place) is a rare thing and absolutely rewarding, regardless!

p.s. the setlist of that show:
(unknown first song)
lonesome whistle blues
night life
worried about my woman
She was hired as a sideman. Her own vocal ability was kind of an after thought until fans and the press began remarking how incredible she sounded. Stan was, by all accounts, an entertaining guitarist, but his work has not aged well and much of it seems shallow and silly alongside Clapton, Green, and Kirwan's. Without Christine, The Chicken Shack were mediocre. Even in the clip above, Christine's organ is one of the most accomplished aspects of the music. She doesn't over play, but what she plays is rhythmically and harmonically interesting. The bass and drums are unexceptional.
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