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Just looking through some old threads:

In the UK singles charts I think Everywhere is the Christine song that should have reached number 1. It is the band's most successful single in the UK (Number 4) since the reissued Albatross reached number 2 in 1973. Everywhere is probably their most played hit on radio (It's typically played daily on commercial stations) and it always seems to feature on 'Love album' compilations and 80's compilations.

Out of interest I looked back at the chart for 23rd April 1988;
1) Heart: Pet Shop Boys
2) Love Changes (Everything): Climie Fisher
3) Theme from S-Express: S-Express
4) Everywhere: Fleetwood Mac

Of those, Everywhere is by far the most enduring song. I am reminded of what a really great singles band the Pet Shop Boys were/are- though I'm not sure this is one of their better songs- quite a surprise Number 1. S-Express is typical late 80's dance dirge.

Everywhere really should have been number one that particular week.
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