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Originally Posted by pattyfan View Post
p.s. Oh yeah, I don't think Chris's songs on this CD are as good as other Mac songs of hers, but they are certainly better than anything on In the Meantime, IMO.Overall, I'd say it was a good try but also a very good example of just how necessary Lindsey is.
Rather harsh regarding In The Meantime. I think her songs on ITM are great. The problem with ITM as with BTM in general is the production. I agree with how necessary Lindsey is. Its not necessarily his songwriting, musicianship or singing that's missing its his overall presence as a producer.

Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
As for BTM, I think one of the best things to come out of that tour and Cage is their live rendition of Isn't It Midnight. That remains a live highlight for Christine.

I never got to see either of those shows so I am only going on the Tango In The Night concert video- I always felt Isn't It Midnight just chugs along a bit. There's something not quite right with the drumming. I think possibly Isaac Asante didn't add a great deal to the rhythm to a lot of the songs but particularly Isn't It Midnight.

Regarding BTM- I agree with the comment In The Back of My Mind was like The Chain. I get the feeling that was kind of the intention. It was the standout song but its such a shame they had to put that ridiculous intro onto the album. That really gave it something of a false start and killed the flow of the record.

Good: In The Back of My Mind
Fairly good: Skies the Limit, When it Comes to Love, Do You Know
So-so: Behind The Mask, Affairs of the Heart, Hard Feelings, Save Me
Not so good: Love is Dangerous, Stand on the Rock, The Second Time, When the Sun Goes Down, Freedom
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