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I think Mask is just an OK LP. I do recall waiting for this release myself back in the day. I'd only been collecting Fmac/Stevie stuff since about '88 but I was kinda bummed that Lindsey had left the band than. I did see them for the first time on this tour. It was a good show. Of course compared to all the old video's I'd seen it wasn't the Mac that I'd really loved. At least I did get to see them for it though so I do appreciate it for that alone. I did see them with Lindsey on the Dance tour '97 and SYW '03 tour only 3 times , Stevie saw from 94-08 solo shows (1) tour each. Not as many as some have but its better than not at all. Of course I did miss all the 'hey-day' shows cause well in the 70's I was only like 8 /9 yrs old. I didn't even know about them back in the day. I have my memories. Anyway, back to Mask, I have never cared for the LP cover photo. I think it would've had better promotion if they'd used a really nice 'band' photo esp. with the new guys on it. I know they had the promo posters but at that time consumers remembered images on LP covers so I do think more people would've noticed because that cover is forgettable. Same for the green GH with the flower (Ugh!!) and the Fmac Live with the ugly blurry photo. I don't understand that either. There choices make no sense sometimes really. So its an OK LP not too many favorite songs on this one for me. Stevie's are just OK --I probably recall Christine's songs more than anything from this LP. Now if this lineup had made a 2nd LP , I often wonder how that would've turned out?? guess we'll not ever know will we. Than yet it might have been the same kind of LP???
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