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Originally Posted by kowk View Post
Hello from Poland,

I have this Sessionography printed out from not existing site It is a great treasure for Greeny fans. It ends in 2000. Thanks Mario for your great work )) I think you are now working on the complete sessionography ) It would be fantastic to help you by tracing Greeny's activities and giving information on Ledge forum. Apart from my earlier info of unknown recordings I'd like to show an interesting link with details about PGFM sessions and live shows Maybe it would be usful? But I'm almost sure you know this site )) But maybe others don't know.

Hello Krzysztoff

yes I'm still updtading the Sessionography on a regular basis and I put lots on new stuff on it, as sessions with Rudy Rotta, Chris Coco and the recent release of Otis Spann's and Duster Bennett's Blue Horizon Sessions, plus the two unreleased tracks from the 2006 reissue of "Blue Memphis Suite".

So turning again on that "Israeli Session", I don't believe it came from summer 1983/1984.
Ok Peter's story (and Martin Celmins book as well) tell us that he went in Tel Aviv back in summer 1984 with Kolors, when the tour suddently stopped, because the promoters, ran out of money, but after some more accurate inquiries, my personal historical setting is late 1981/early 1982, beetwen "Whatcha Gonna Do", Peter guest spot for Brian Knight's "A Dark Horse" and "White Sky".


1- the Israeli Session, sleeve shows Peter playing a Gibson Les Paul, but it looks as the Les Paul is not the same one Peter is holding on some early PVK promo shots, circa 1978/1979, but also tell us that Peter wasn't in his long fingernails era 1983/1984/1985, while he was touring with Kolors (see the back cover of the 2005 reissue of the "Kolors" album.

2-On the Israeli session sleeve, I think Peter looks very similar to the photo available on the back cover of "Whatcha Gonna Do" and/or the "White Sky" band, also available on the 2005 reissue of "White Sky".

3-Last, but not the least, Peter's playing is too good for 1983/1984,we know damn well that in those years because of his illness he lost most of that "Greeny" energy and power; also he bends strings in a way he totally stopped during his Kolors days.

Anyway any input from you at the Ledge would be most welcome.

On a final note, Israeli Session has some great blues guitar and I'm pretty sure that it's right to say that had Peter played like that during his Splinter Group days, then we all had cried tears of joy!

Stay Green,

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