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Originally Posted by vivfox View Post
"Stevie Nicks" by The Hold Steady
"Not Even Stevie Nicks" by Calexico
"Buddy Holly" by Weezer
"Thank You Jack White" by The Flaming Lips
"Frank Sinatra" by Cake
"Jack Ruby" and "Joe Stalin's Cadillac" by Camper Van Beethoven
"Grace Kelly Blues" by The Eels
"John Wayne Gacey Jr." by Sufjan Stevens
"Lenin" by Arcade Fire
"Tom Petty loves Veruca Salt" by Terrorvision
"XTC vs Adam Ant" by They Might Be Giants
"Me and Elvis" by Human Radio
Missing from the list is the infamous song 'Sit On My Face Miss Stevie Nicks' by The Vapors
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