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Originally Posted by petep9000 View Post
I could say the same about someone else who used to be on The Ledge and had what appeared to be a major meltdown on social media. A shame though, because this wasn't a mean person...just a little obsessed.
I did NOT have a major meltdown on social media.

Lots of people go whack in the Stevie Nicks fan culture. Even the former fan-mail woman went whack back in the 90s on She infiltrated the channel, turned her vicious aides-de-camp on the rest of us, and we finally ousted her and them. But by that time, the psychic damage had been done, and we spent the remainder of our Usenet days bickering among ourselves, out of gas. We were so enervated by that point that even the news from Stevie Nicks reps that the fan-mail gal had been fired didn't fill us with much joy.

The whole culture is rife with impersonators, drag queens who believe they're Stevie, and sociopaths.

Christine's fans are relatively mild. One often latches on to her base just to find some quiet sanity.
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