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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Hilarious, bordering on disturbing LOL! No, really it just bad. Imagine a dolphin jumping in the water in slow motion during the chorus of YMLF and tell me you don't laugh! FM, ditch the screen!

One thing about the screen I did like was when they showed all six members at one time during the Chain, split screen. That was cool. But when they showed the individual members interposed within 2 hands later, it looked like those horrible old school photos, you know the ones I'm talking about, like when they put the photo in a wine glass. Just awful!
Oh my gosh! You just totally gave me a flashback to those awful photo superimposed treatments like the wine glass you described. I remember it seemed for a while there every department store with a photo studio seemed to be experimenting with them. You'd walk by a table with all these framed examples. Ha ha, I haven't thought about those in years.
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