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Broadway World, December 2, 2016, Music News Desk

New Songs Added to Holiday Playlist Only on Amazon Music

Some artists were inspired in unusual ways, taking a classic Christmas song and transforming it into a contemporary tune. Tennis first heard a cover of "Holiday Road," before deciding to perform the song, "I'd actually never seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when Patrick and I decided to cover Holiday Road," says Alaina Moore. "I only discovered the song after seeing The Walkmen's awesome live performance of it for an NPR holiday feature a few years back. That inspired us to cover it for fun, at which point we consulted Lindsey Buckingham's original version for the first time. This was my fortuitous gateway to all things Lindsey Buckingham, lending the song even more personal significance. What I'm saying is, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation helped me get into Fleetwood Mac. That's a Christmas miracle."

1. "Sister Winter," Joseph
2. "Baby, It's Cold Outside," Savoir Adore
3. "When Christmas Comes (Boxing Day Version)," Los Campesinos!
4. "Carol of the Bells," The Melvins
5. "Hard Candy Christmas," The Nymphs & Inger Lorre
6. "Christmas (The Way It Was Back Then)," Chris Staples
7. "Azusa," The Album Leaf
8. "Plastic Mistletoe," Glint
9. "Santa, Baby," Red Rosamond
10. "Holiday Road," Tennis
11. "Headphones for the Holidays," Blake Hazard
12. "Silver Bells," Dandy Warhols
13. "Ritmo De Vida," Bostich + Fussible
14. "Snow," Sam Evian
15. "Come on Home (It's Christmas)," PINS
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