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Originally Posted by SisterNightroad View Post
I think it's a good moment to dust off this thread to list all the good things happening right now for us fans (feel free to add):

1) Tango in the Night reissue just published the 31st of March

2) Much awaited Buckingham McVie album out on the 9th of June

3) Stevie joining Tom Petty at the British Summertime Festival on the 9th of July

4) Fleetwood Mac headlining the Classic West Festival the 16th of July

5) Lindsey and Christine's show at Woodinville the 19th of July

6) Stevie Joining Don Henley's birthday concert the 22nd of July

7) Fleetwood Mac headlining the Classic East Festival the 30th of July

8) Stevie headlining the Ravinia Festival on the 9th and the 10th of September

9) Stevie touring Australia from the end of October
these are the only 2 that interest me in this whole mish-mash of activities, and i can't wait!

of course #5 will be just one among a good number of dates - and i wish we would find them out already!!

happy that 2017 looks so promising. 2016 was a complete drought as far as FM as a band goes, although there were tours by Mick and i think Stevie's tour started in 2016 too. it's too bad Christine and Lindsey and the rest of the band waited so long to decide to stop waiting and finish the album, but then again i'm so happy their album and tour are ahead of us now (instead of some time back in 2016, although in that case they may have extended the tour to 2017, but hard to know)!

also, and i know this might be unpopular opinion, but i'm really happy with the outcome in front of us now - that we will end up seeing just Lindsey and Christine in small venues, instead of the whole band in big arenas. i think we will get larger variety of songs, at affordable prices (if the first show is something to judge by!), and of course at least 6 new songs live!

for people who do want to see the whole band, they unfortunately need to cough up some big bucks for crappy seats at one of the stadiums this summer, but at least they'll get to see the band they love and feel the whole stadium atmosphere!

so i'm definitely with half-full!

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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