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Originally Posted by iamnotafraid View Post
Any idea what this is going to cost us?
For those who pledge the price is that which they donated, but for the marker price we don't know yet and surely it won't be before its submission to Sundance. Maybe I'll try sending a message to Mr. Aveni later in the month, he was very available.

Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
2017 is such a great year to be a FM fan.
I am seeing Stevie solo in concert March 2017
Buckingham/McVie album released by summer and I could possibly see them live if they tour
Its also possible the big final tour could begin late 2017.
Long story short in 2017 I could see Stevie, Christine, Lindsey solo plus a Fleetwood Mac concert.
Now who is excited ?
Yeah, and I think it's possible Stevie will do a sequel to 24K Gold and there may even be another reissue for Rock a Little.
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