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Default Glass half...

empty or full?

I just wanted to put this out there. So many great musicians have passed away recently, many of whom were a lot younger than our beloved Mac members. In the last 5 years or so, we have had...

1. a world tour with Christine back in the fold

2. a Stevie tour that, IMHO, was one of her strongest ever, which got extended

3. the promise of a new CD with Lindsey and Christine, plus probably a tour to promote that

4. a Stevie CD with lots of songs that had been widely circulated as demos which we all had so much fun speculating about and which also, IMHO, is one of her strongest

5. a reissue of Mirage, Bella Donna, and Wild Heart, with lots of cool stuff

6. a reissue of Tango on the Night on its way

7. a probable tour with all 5 again in a year or two

Of course I would have liked a newFleetwood Mac CD with Stevie, and a tour behind that CD. There were also things I could nit pick about with regards to her tour, and the reissues, and even 24 KG. But overall, we are really really lucky to be getting tours and CDs in fairy steady stream. So I'm just putting this out there to say that.

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