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Default Thackerville OK / Winstar Casino - Buckvie Thread

Hello everybody! I didn't see a thread for tonight's Buckvie show so I thought I'd start one. I saw the show in toronto and my god this audience was dead. I'm sorry but I've never seen an audience sit through little lies. Even for GYOW only half had stood.

Lindsey was on a weird trip tonight. Guitar and vocals were great but I don't know what was up with him. Not to offend, but the things he said were out there even for him. He went ON about how many years Chris was away for and how he never left FM. He went on a tangent that had him saying "I had my way with her songs" over and over to the point where Chris said "that was a bit rude" (It was after Shut Us Down if anyone has the video of her calling him out I would LOVE it.)
Chris' vocals tonight were amazing in my opinion. Like she hit notes I haven't heard her hit in a long while. She sounded AND looked so beautiful and everything she song was terrific.
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