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Speculating/opinion time:

Really? Geez. If the LB Greatest Hits is the case, then I hope the unreleased Gift of Screws Rolling Stones covers and other song demos from that time are on it but they're re-done or polished up. I really like the FM Deluxe releases, but I have no idea if LB can warrant that treatment or really wants it.

I don't know how I feel about his solo album being shelved into next year. He probably would make a lot more money collaborating with Christine again or doing a farewell FM album. Like, 5 songs from LB, 5 from CM, and 3 demos that are re-done or songs from Stevie. Then, LB can put the last 5 songs for another LB/CM or just distribute them into more solo albums.

Is it wrong of me to just want FM to stop touring after this one, unless the next one actually produces a final album? I don't know about John's health and unfortunately time is not on Christine's side.

This band's drama is so meme-worthy.
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