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My Tango ranking:

1. Little Lies
2. Everywhere
3. Seven Wonders
4. Big Love
5. Tango In The Night
6. Isn't It Midnight
7. Mystified
8. You and I, Part II
9. Caroline
10. Family Man
11. Welcome To The Room...Sara
12. When I See You Again

Following the massive "Rumours", I think every Mac album that featured the Rumours-era five had one songwriter that was off their game. McVie's usual pop hook sharpness was off on "Tusk" (although "Brown Eyes" and "Think About Me" were both very good); Buckingham's contributions on "Mirage" suffered from an over-caution due to the "Tusk" backlash"; and here on "Tango", Nicks's drug dependence started to affect her normally excellent songwriting.

"Tango" (and later, "Behind the Mask") have the weakest Nicks contributions of her Mac output. It's a real shame, because had Nicks contributed songs to "Tango" of equal quality to her Fleetwood Mac/Rumours/Tusk/Mirage songs, "Tango" could have rivaled "Rumours" in eventual impact if not sales. Buckingham and McVie are both at the top of their songwriting game on the album.
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