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Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
The EP is all about her. There's no doubt there. But yes, I guess what you mean: FM songs dedicated to Stevie, because that's part of the big machine. His solo work is a bit more unclear.

Well, you see I do have some doubt that LB's 3 EP songs are specifically about Stevie. Though he may have intimated at the time they were about her, really I suspect that's just to fit the Lindsey/Stevie narrative for the benefit of the band. Actually (and I'm not exactly a Lindsey Buckingham expert) I reckon the lyrics to those songs are really quite generic and could apply to anyone and no-one. Though Sad Angel in particular is deemed to sound 'Fleetwood Maccy' the words to the song itself are quite in keeping with solo songs. You could probably pick a random selection of LB songs from the past 20 years and justify why the lyrics to all of them are about SN- that doesn't mean they really are about her, no matter what people may think.

Christine openly admits she never really writes songs about anyone in particular- she just writes generic love songs. I suspect that's the case these days with Lindsey- he's been doing it so long he doesn't need a muse or spark of inspiration to come up with ideas. If at any time he needs them to be about SN then he can twist the words to suit the agenda.

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