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Question Which of Christine's singles should have hit #1?

In the 1993 article that MacFan57 posted earlier today, Christine said that one of her regrets was that she never had a #1 single with Fleetwood Mac... and that made me wonder which single other fans felt most deserved to hit the top of the charts.

I'm only going to list Christine's Mac singles from 1975 onward, as I think that's the time frame in which she would have been most likely to have a #1.
I'm also going to only list the songs that were released as singles in the US, as it seems to have been the US charts that she was referring to in the article.

Over My Head (#20)
Say You Love Me (#11)
Don't Stop (#3)
You Make Loving Fun (#9)
Think About Me (#20)
Hold Me (#4)
Love In Store (#22)
Little Lies (#4)
Everywhere (#14)
As Long As You Follow (#43)
Save Me (#33)
Skies The Limit (--)

So... which should it have been?
Do you vote for that anthem of optimism, "Don't Stop," or the pure pop bliss of "Little Lies"?
Will it be the gorgeous "As Long As You Follow," or the lilting "Over My Head"?
Or maybe you prefer the slinky tones of "Love In Store"?

And, no... "all of them" isn't an acceptable answer, Homie!
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