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Originally Posted by hayley View Post
Hahaha, this is the one reason why I order from Domino's sometimes - their pizza tracker is hilarious. I am totally addicted to it. If I have friends over, we'll make big announcements every time the status changes. "ATTENTION EVERYONE. Jorge has now put our pizza in the oven."

Okay, it's one of two reasons I order from Domino's. The chocolate molten lava cake is the other. Nom nom.
We've found that our pizzas are best when a man named Marcel makes them, so the moments leading up to that first update that gives you the name are tense. Oh, also, most terrifying moment of my life- I ordered a pizza alone one night (yes, I know that's akin to drinking alone, but I have needs ), and I was given the notification that my order was being delivered by Attila.

I haven't tried their molten lava cake. Hmmmmm...
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