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30. Suspiria, grade B- = warning; you probably won’t like this movie. It’s a pretentious art house film and a very long one. If there is one word to describe it it is ALOOF. Nothing about it is obvious except for the striking visuals. It feels like we are eavesdropping into conversations and that is how we learn about the plot. The ending, like the plot, isn’t easy to understand.

If you are a fan of the original 1977 film, which is a classic, it doesn’t have that much in common in with it, except little plot pieces here and there. The 1977 movie is a lot more enjoyable than this film, but this film may be more interesting in the long run. If you are a fan Of the Three Mother’s Trilogy, this movie is more like Suspiria’s sequals Inferno and Mother of Tears, which are less obvious and full of symbolism. In fact, this movie does feel like a Dario Argento film, just not his best one, the original Suspiria.

That being said, this movie feels Fresh and different than anything out there and I left the theater thinking I had seen something new- a cold, hollow, visually striking, interesting horror film with absolutely no heart. Nothing quite like it.

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