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Originally Posted by Danielle View Post
"My suitcase must absolutely contain … a set of Legna sheets, my favorite cashmere blanket, and an alpaca-covered hot-water bottle."

From here:
that's the one! thanks Danielle.

from the web: SDH Legna Bedding ...Made in Italy, all SDH bedding is creatively designed from all natural elements. An all-natural lifestyle doesn't mean having to give up style, comfort, or high quality. These luxury collections have true and lasting beauty.

Imagine the smooth and supple feel of silk combined with the easy care of cotton! SDH Legna is lustrous and long lasting. It reflects light and drapes beautifully. Legna is woven in Italy to exact specifications, in SDH's exclusive designs and colors. The wood pulp used to create this amazing fabric is harvested from managed forests... helping to make Legna completely biodegradable. Meticulously finished to meet stringent standards for quality, luxuriously soft Legna has true and lasting beauty.
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