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I believe in the sustainability of the album format as an art form, even though technology now allows consumers to self-select individual songs -- not taking the time to respect and see the album as a whole. Personal instant gratification takes precedence. In this instant process of pick and choose, songs they might grow to love in time aren't given a chance and are discarded.

Perhaps because of the easy accessibility of music from generations past, listeners are discovering a world of artists and groups that they were unaware of; music that is appealing to them. There is so much great music previous eras that holds value. It's like discovering buried treasures. Just because something is new and currently popular doesn't mean it's better that what came before it. In fact, most new music owes it's viability the influences of past artists.

I'm always impressed when an contestant on American Idol or The Voice chooses a great song generations behind them. It shows they have a depth of reference and influences beyond their current demographic. If they choose a more current or recent popular song, it reveals they influences have only scratched the surface.
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