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Originally Posted by BLY View Post
Out of the Cradle is got to be my all time favorite Lindsey album. It is a masterpiece. It was a shame it didn't get the air play it should have. I think if it was released in 1989 only a couple of years after Tango in the Night things might have been different.
I guess Lindsey was still healin his wounds, dealin with his feelings about Stevie, the band, his father, fame, etc. And I don't see him tryin to catch the success on the tail of TIN album. I remember seeing his interview at Letterman's after he played Countdown and when Dave say'd that the perfomance made him think of the live FM, Lindsey was not that amused ahah. He tried hard to make himself and his music viable as a solo artist, but he tried at his own terms. Unfortunately those terms weren't the same of a broad audience.

" Mi dicono alla radio statti calmo statti buono,
non esser scalmanato stai tranquillo e fatti uomo,
ma io con la mia guerra voglio andare sempre avanti,
e costi quel che costi la vincerņ non ci son santi. "
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