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His best album by far, IMHO. Not a weak song on there. I especially love "Soul Drifter." I remember playing that as I drove away after my college graduation in 2000; it felt like my anthem as I started a new chapter of my life. There was a real emotional depth to a lot of those songs that hadn't really been explored as much in his other solo albums. We got a lot of frustration in Go Insane and the title track for that album is very revealing of his emotional state at the time, but it's not quite the same kind of introspection and vulnerability conveyed in many OOTC songs. Forget Law and Order which is overall quite shallow and does not really appeal to me. His more recent albums continue the trend of emotional maturity and I like them better than his 80s material, but they do not reach the heights of OOTC.

It's his most melodic work and his most natural work. Gimmicks, studio tricks, and tech manipulations are kept at a minimum; this is Lindsey at his most raw, and I love it.
- Nancy

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