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Default Out of the cradle

I made this post about what I consider Lindsey's best solo work: Out of the cradle is his masterpiece. But, leaving aside its musical brilliance for a moment, I love it more for a personal thing. I wasn't even born when the album was released, I'm barely twenty two, but I can surely say that this album has changed my life. Lindsey often says that this album gave him a new hope, confidence in his abilites. He found a warmer, open place to express himself after the Mac years. And yet he expressed his pain: the loss of a loved one, his loneliness. It helped me years ago when I felt alone, lost.
If I could ever meet him, I'd thank him for his music of course, but also for being the voice who seemed to understand. Have you any stories about the album to share?

I can't barely listen to the album nowaday, because it has so much power on me , kinda Paul McCartney cryiin for God Only Knows.

" Mi dicono alla radio statti calmo statti buono,
non esser scalmanato stai tranquillo e fatti uomo,
ma io con la mia guerra voglio andare sempre avanti,
e costi quel che costi la vinceṛ non ci son santi. "
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