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Originally Posted by desertangel View Post
The live footage is great! I have the DVD from 1983 which is a fluff piece MTV put together of selected clips from each day and the resolution and sound are not that great. I can almost tell this footage has been doctored the way a lot of photo rendering apps do these days, but not to take away from, it's quite good and so is the sound. Way better than the 1983 DVD. I am on the fence about the kickstarter and hoping I fall off onto the right side soon... I was not in the audience for this one and would sure love it if we could get full day releases from each day of 1983, even if they had to cut less popular songs from the band's sets. And of course a separate option of Stevie's full set. I don't ask for much. Haha! It's too bad there's not more interest/financial backing for these things.
Yes, the few clips we had for now are awesome! Maybe for an anticipated self Christmas present I'll contribute a few dollars too, I'm excited about it and that way I'd get the DVD shipped to me right at the moment of the release.
It seems that they want to include all, or at least most of the full sets as extra material, but it depends on how well the kickstarter does. For now they're at almost 17 thousand dollars, so it's not bad but they need more visibility.

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