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Originally Posted by Wouter Vuijk View Post
The Rockpalast archives mentions for the line-up Duban Laverde (aka Spartacus R) as bass player. I also have an audio where the presenter gives a short history of Peter Green and finishes his comments with the line-up. He too presents Duban Laverde as the bass player.
However, since Kolors has some Osibisa roots, I wonder if the bass player might have been Spartacus R from Osibisa, whose real name was Roy Bedeau. Could it have been that Spartacus R was the bass player and the Rockpalast organisation wasn't aware of two of them and assumed it must have been Duban Laverde??????
The info on the Rockpalast website was taken from this very we are probably behind this error . Manfred posted above that Spartakus R and Durban Laverde is the same person,
You must be right, Spartacus R is Roy Bedeau. But on the Kolors tape the speaker clearly mentions Durban Laverde. Spartakus R probably joined later, he was part of the Kolors line-up in 1983.
It's correct that most of the Kolors band members had played in Osibisa.

By the way, "Alan Barnes" on keyboards is just my guess. It' probably not the correct name but it's hard to hear what the speaker really says.

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