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Originally Posted by sjpdg View Post
If memory serves, and it may not seeing as it was so many years ago now, but I seem to recall that they did do "Love Is Dangerous" in Oakland, CA on that tour. I was only about 10 rows back and the Mac left me almost deaf the whole next day!!!!!! On the encore, Lindsey came out with them and they played "Go Your Own Way" with him and it was incredible!! Lindsey sang and played and it was just awesome. Damned near blew the roof off the place.
Someone around here used to claim that those versions of Go Your Own Way from Oakland and then from Los Angeles on the last show where Lindsey joined were the best versions of the song ever. I don't know, I've yet to ever hear a recording of either so if anyone has them, please please let me know. Those recordings are truly about the only thing Fleetwood Mac I've wanted to attain but have had no luck in all of these years.

Lindsey also did Landslide with Stevie at these shows and I believe it is the Oakland show video that is on YouTube.
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